La Paz Malecon to re-open

A week ago the mayor of La Paz open the malecon yet the health department disagreed with that decision and closed it again. Now, they decide to reopen it to pedestrians, with the change of the threat level they use with their "traffic light" system. (See graphic below)

Seven days after the Ministry of Health and the City Council of La Paz had a disagreement for having opened the Malecón, the State Health Committee announced that from 22. February on the malecon - boardwalk will be open again.

And it is that with the change from level 5 to 4, the "sports pedestrian opening of the La Paz boardwalk with mandatory use of face masks" was included among the admitted activities.

The closing of the malecon lasted weeks, and unilaterally Mayor Rubén Muñoz decided that it would be opened; This caused annoyance among the Health authorities, who ordered its closure on the same day (11. February).


45 tons of trash from La Paz beaches

So far this 2021, about 45 tons of garbage have been collected on the beaches of the municipality of La Paz, Balandra being the most visited by tourists, reported the head of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat), Susana Rubio Lucero .

"We continue with the work of cleaning and caring for the beaches, mainly on Balandra beach, where strict control is still being maintained on access to this space, taking care of the capacity of the place," she said.

The collection of the 45 tons of garbage took place in different beaches of the La Paz municipality, without counting the sub-delegations of Todos Santos, Los Barriles and El Cardonal, explained the official.


La Paz decrease of 50% in hotel occupancy

We have not independently verified this information. The DeepL computer translation originates on a report/opinion by a La Paz local editor based on remarks and comments by Eduardo Van Wormer, the city's tourism office boss.
The head of Tourism in the City of La Paz, Eduardo Van Wormer mentioned that, following the provision of the United States government - which stipulates that tourists from that country must take the COVID test before returning - will cause a decrease in 50% in hotel occupancy and cancellations in the capital of Baja California Sur, of the 30% they currently have occupancy.
Look, I'm calculating at least 50%; We were at 30%, because you are already talking about the exodus that is taking place in tourists from Los Cabos, it is part of the same alert; They weren't asking tourists to take the test, but it will be a good measure, ”he said. 

Image credits to Smiley N. Pool Dallasnews

In this sense, the official mentioned that not only the hotel industry will have effects, but also the restaurant industry and service providers, after vacationers will not want to travel so much due to the instructions given by former President Trump, which was ratified by its new president, Joe Biden.


Mexico faces challenge

Last week the Mexican government announced that its inoculation program - one of the most ambitious in Latin America - had essentially come to a standstill. The country of 128 million people has received just 766,350 doses of vaccine, all produced by Pfizer-BioNTech.
That figure was supposed to hit 1.5 million by the end of the month. Mexican officials have described the delay as a minor setback and said shipments from Pfizer are expected to resume Feb. 15. 2021. “It is simply going to be temporarily postponed,” said Mexico’s undersecretary of health, Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, who is leading the nation’s pandemic response.
Officials here said they have already made deals to purchase enough vaccine to inoculate the entire country. They have signed agreements with Pfizer, China’s CanSino Biologics and the British company AstraZeneca to purchase enough vaccine for 128 million people. They are also trying to line up enough of the Sputnik V vaccine from Russia for 12 million more. 


In November, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization, urged Mexico’s leaders be serious about the coronavirus and set examples for its citizens, saying that “Mexico is in bad shape” with the pandemic. A new set of rules requiring all travelers entering the US by sea, air or land to show proof of a recent negative coronavirus test and self-quarantine or self-isolate after entry.


Wave of deaths

Between the night of Thursday 14 and the afternoon of this January 17, 471 new cases of Coronavirus and 18 deaths were registered, of which 10 were in La Paz; another 377 people recovered, according to the count issued by the Ministry of Health (SSA).
The cumulative total reached 20,410 confirmed cases from the end of March to date; This figure includes 908 deaths, as well as 17,742 recovered and 1,760 patients in their active phase.
La Paz was the municipality with the highest number of recent deaths, adding 10 to its figure, which reaches 410 deaths; Similarly, 198 new cases were detected, leaving 957 active. Those recovered reached 8,618, of which 122 are extra.


On the other hand, Comondú, there were 4 extra deaths, leaving 100 deaths in the municipality; in addition, 49 people were discharged, being 1,261 so far. Assets number 142, of which 39 are recent.