BCS biz's suspended

The head of the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Coepris), Blanca Pulido Medrano reported, participating in a virtual conference, that 67 businesses are suspended in Baja California Sur, since they have opened even though they do not fall within the Classification of phase 5 of the COVID-19 traffic light.
"It is a very titanic job [...] we have 67 suspensions throughout the state, and this is secondary to the opening of establishments that are not yet in this level 5 category.
“Very important, if you have a restaurant-bar classification, if nothing else is dedicated to the pure sale of snacks, they are not allowed; for us they are bars ”, referred the doctor.

In this sense, he explained that these contempts have occurred in Los Cabos, La Paz and Loreto, since there are merchants who open regardless of whether the authority may sanction them, so that the opening of these places does not represent a danger to the increase. of Coronavirus cases.

"Of these 67 correspond to gyms, both in Loreto and Los Cabos, and part of La Paz; Party event rooms that are also not authorized at this level and the other, the vast majority of them, are those that call themselves a restaurant-bar and that are bars ”, emphasized Pulido Medráno.
She also recalled that the Presidents of the Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac) in Baja California Sur have already been warned about the consequences of opening businesses that are not allowed.
"We have asked within the video-conferences that I had with members of the Canirac I was very emphatic that the opening of this level 5 were formal restaurants and yes with the sale of alcoholic beverages (with schedules) that the Municipality will stipulate," said the person in charge of Coepris.
Finally, she invited merchants to abide by the provisions of the State Health Committee, since, after the arrival of the new normal, Coronavirus cases have increased, as well as the number of deaths.
It is worth mentioning that, until the first week of the new normal, 36 suspensions had been implemented for businesses to open without authorization, so that, in the new court filed, the contempt establishments have almost doubled.

Source: BCS local media Google translation