La Paz decrease of 50% in hotel occupancy

We have not independently verified this information. The DeepL computer translation originates on a report/opinion by a La Paz local editor based on remarks and comments by Eduardo Van Wormer, the city's tourism office boss.
The head of Tourism in the City of La Paz, Eduardo Van Wormer mentioned that, following the provision of the United States government - which stipulates that tourists from that country must take the COVID test before returning - will cause a decrease in 50% in hotel occupancy and cancellations in the capital of Baja California Sur, of the 30% they currently have occupancy.
Look, I'm calculating at least 50%; We were at 30%, because you are already talking about the exodus that is taking place in tourists from Los Cabos, it is part of the same alert; They weren't asking tourists to take the test, but it will be a good measure, ”he said. 

Image credits to Smiley N. Pool Dallasnews

In this sense, the official mentioned that not only the hotel industry will have effects, but also the restaurant industry and service providers, after vacationers will not want to travel so much due to the instructions given by former President Trump, which was ratified by its new president, Joe Biden.

“We are talking about serious impacts, the tourism sector is not just the hotel industry, but the service providers, we are talking about sport fishing, we are talking about restaurants, it is a series that we have to take in context and quantify; we are anticipating a 50% drop in activity in general, ”he emphasized.
He also commented that it is possible that checkpoints with rapid tests will be installed at the airports of La Paz and Los Cabos to detect COVID-19 patients, for which he assured that it will only be the first months of this new provision that will cause a drop in the number of trips.
“I still do not have the report, we are really hoping so, obviously due to the same situations, I understand that both the La Paz airport and Los Cabos will install the checkpoints, for the rapid tests of the tourists who go to travel back; we are waiting for these decreases, they will be for a while ”, he specified.
Finally, he recalled that tourism in La Paz depends largely on tourists from the United States, so there will be a considerable impact: "our tourism depends largely on tourists from California, because of our proximity, because of the relationship we have and that is one of the places, to give you an example, with more alarming activity of contagions right now, there will be an affectation ”, he concluded.

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