La Paz Malecon to re-open

A week ago the mayor of La Paz open the malecon yet the health department disagreed with that decision and closed it again. Now, they decide to reopen it to pedestrians, with the change of the threat level they use with their "traffic light" system. (See graphic below)

Seven days after the Ministry of Health and the City Council of La Paz had a disagreement for having opened the Malecón, the State Health Committee announced that from 22. February on the malecon - boardwalk will be open again.

And it is that with the change from level 5 to 4, the "sports pedestrian opening of the La Paz boardwalk with mandatory use of face masks" was included among the admitted activities.

The closing of the malecon lasted weeks, and unilaterally Mayor Rubén Muñoz decided that it would be opened; This caused annoyance among the Health authorities, who ordered its closure on the same day (11. February).

However, with the drop in infections, as stated by Secretary Víctor George Flores, conditions improved, and from the following Monday on, those who want to use the boardwalk ie malecon, will be able to do so, although wearing a face-mask is mandatory.